My All-Star Ballot

American League

1B Kevin Youkilis
This was a choice between two players: Youkilis and Mark Teixeira. Teixeira has more home runs (20) and RBI (54), but also hits in the launching pad known as Yankee Stadium. Youkilis has a very respectable 11 homers with 38 RBI and is hitting .331.

2B Dustin Pedroia
In another Yankees/Red Sox battle, I chose Pedroia over Robinson Cano. Cano’s power numbers are a little better. I just love the way Pedroia plays the game and his stats are good enough to get him there. Aaron Hill of the Blue Jays has had a better year offensively than either of them, but I still went with Pedroia.

SS Derek Jeter
Professional. Champion. Leader. Hall of Famer.

3B Evan Longoria
He has better stats than Alex Rodriguez and (as far as we know) never took the juice needle in his butt.

C Joe Mauer
His numbers are MVP caliber and his team is in second place. Enough said.

OF Jason Bay, Torii Hunter, Adam Jones
Bay has been huge for the Red Sox. Hunter has the offensive stats and produces one highlight catch after another. Jones is a gamer who is having a big year.

National League

1B Joey Votto
Albert Pujols is a great player, but this is my ballot and I will be biased if I want to.

2B Brandon Phillips
Chase Utley’s offensive numbers are slightly better, but Phillips is the best second baseman in baseball. He finally has the Gold Glove to prove it.

SS Hanley Ramirez
There is not a lot to choose from since the NL as a whole is rather weak at this position. Ramirez is a good young player having an above-average season.

3B Ryan Zimmerman
He had the impressive hitting streak earlier in the season and has compiled some good stats. Besides, someone from the Nationals has to make the team.

C Ryan Hanigan (Write-In)
Go ahead a call me a homer. The only NL catcher with a higher batting average than Hanigan is Brian McCann, who also has limited at-bats. Since Joey Votto has been out of the Reds’ lineup, Hanigan has gotten more opportunities with Ramon Hernandez playing first base. Hanigan is hitting .311 and handles a pitching staff as good as anyone.

OF Raul Ibanez, Hunter Pence, Justin Upton
Ibanez is putting together an MVP caliber season. Pence and Upton have their averages above .300 while also showing some power and speed. I do not think Manny Ramirez deserves to be a part of the All-Star Game.



  1. russ4192

    Actually, I have no idea. He isn’t saying anything and neither are the Reds. The most any reporter has been able to get out of Walt Jocketty is that he is doing better and will probably go on a rehab assignment. I can’t imagine what would be going on (with the media) if he were a Yankee or Met.Russ

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