Bronson Arroyo Doesn’t Give A F—

3556987563_4e42de23f1_m.jpgSince I have blasted Manny Ramirez and David Ortiz regarding their use of performance-enhancing drugs, it would be hypocritical of me to not comment on the Bronson Arroyo situation. Arroyo and his comments were the focal point of an article in USA Today.

Arroyo said, “I have a lot of guys in (the locker room) who think I’m out of (my) mind because I’m taking a lot of things not on the (MLB-approved) list. But I haven’t failed any tests, so I figured I’m good.”

Either the supplements he is taking are clean and have just not been approved by Major League Baseball, or the tests are not as reliable as some people think. Substances not approved by the league could possibly contain contaminants.

Arroyo suspects that his name is on the list of players that tested positive for performance-enhancing drugs in 2003. He openly admits to using andostenedione until it was banned in 2004. Arroyo also said he took amphetamines from 1998 to 2006.

If Arroyo is taking substances that he obtained legally and are not banned by Major League Baseball, then he has done nothing wrong. He certainly is not trying to hide anything. As always, Arroyo is available and willing to talk about any subject, whether it portrays him in a negative light or not.

“People can think what they want of me,” he says. “I don’t give a f—.”

Until that comment, Arroyo came off as an honest player with nothing to hide. He still doesn’t appear to have anything to hide, but some of his comments are down right crazy.

“I can see where guys like Hank Aaron and some of the old-timers have a beef with it. But as far as looking at Manny Ramirez like he’s Ted Bundy, you’re out of your mind. At the end of the day, do you think anybody really (cares) whether Manny Ramirez’s kidneys fail and he dies at 50?”

Arroyo also insinuates that fans and owners only care about performance.

“People don’t own teams to lose money. If you ask any owner whether they would make $20 million and come in last place or lose $20 million and win a World Series, there’s only one guy who would honestly take that championship: George Steinbrenner. Nobody else.”

If I am Bob Castellini, I make my way down to the clubhouse today and pull a Keith Richards, whacking Arroyo over the head with a guitar. Is this his way of asking to be traded, or does he just not have any respect for the man that signs his checks?

“You don’t want me to get Albert Pujols out? Give me a break. If you give me (the amphetamine) Adderall, and I strike out Pujos in the seventh inning with the bases loaded, there’s a pretty good chance I’m going to want to take that Adderall the next time.”

“It might be dangerous, but so is drinking and driving. And how many of us do it at least once a year? Pretty much everybody.”

Say what? Did he really just say that pretty much everybody drinks and drives at least once a year? Well, I don’t drink and drive. That statement was just ignorant. I really thought Arroyo was smarter than that.

“You think this country really cares about what ballplayers put in their bodies? If we really care, why are we pumping Coca-Cola in every kid’s mouth, and McDonald’s, and Burger King and KFC? That (stuff) is killing people.”

“Whether you think it’s right or wrong, the union is there to make sure we look good in the media, make as much money as we possibly can and continue our career as long as we possibly can.”

Ok, so fast-food is not the healthiest thing in the world, but is he really trying to compare buying your kid a Happy Meal to steroids? Bronson, give me a break.

The public’s perception of an athlete, or any public figure for that matter, often has to do with how much money that person makes. Mediocre athletes are scrutinized because of their astronomical salaries. However, if a player can project himself as a likable character, fans will offer their support. In this article, Arroyo comes off as arrogant and self-centered.

So is Arroyo a cheater? I don’t know. I don’t think he knows…but he sure doesn’t care.



  1. phillies_phollowers

    Wow…Wow…OMG. Seriously shocked. Not shocked that Arroyo is on drugs…I think judging from past behavior, most could have guessed that. But the comments about it and the drinking and driving thing? Wow. What planet does this guy live on? He should be released – outright released for his blatent disregard for the sport and for publicizing his thoughts where children and everyone else can read them. That is sickening. You guys would be better off without him.


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