Tracking the Tater Trots

There is a website that times every home run trot, appropriately named Tater Trot Tracker.  I have no idea how accurate the times are, but it is an interesting and neat idea nonetheless.  The statistics are based on home runs hit this season.
Not surprisingly, Adam Rosales is near the top of the list.  Rosales, currently with Oakland, holds third and fourth place for the quickest trips around the bases.  The top two sports belong to David DeJesus and Stephen Drew, who both hit inside-the-park home runs.  Aubrey Huff hit an inside-the-park home run, but was still slower than Rosales.
Scott Rolen and Joey Votto also appear on the “Quickest Trot” list.  Rolen is ranked ninth for the home run he hit on Opening Day.  Votto is 10th for the dinger he hit on Apr. 21.
Another former Red, Alex Gonzalez, currently holds the top spot on the “Slowest Trot” list.  He took almost 30 seconds to round the bases on Apr. 21.  That is just begging to get plunked.

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