Ernie Harwell, 1918-2010

Ernie Harwell was the voice of the Detroit Tigers for 42 years.  He passed away yesterday at his home in Michigan with his wife of 68 years by his side.
Being a Reds fan, this makes me think of Joe Nuxhall.
Children today don’t understand the importance of a baseball broadcaster.  There are so many different ways to consume media that the intimacy of your team’s announcer often gets lost in the shuffle.
Before the days streaming games to your phone and watching the high definition action on a big screen, baseball fans welcomed their team’s announcer into their homes through the radio.  I love modern technology, but sometimes I also like to close my eyes and think of old times.
There is a generation of Tigers’ fans that grew up listening to Harwell and feel like they lost a member of their family.  Please know that Reds Country knows how you feel and our hearts go out to all of you.

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  1. rudyrob

    I was very sad to see that he had passed, too. I was able to listen to some of Ernie’s work in recent years thanks to gameday audio, and you can see why he IS the Tigers to generations of fans. Listening to a baseball game on the radio is still one of my favorite things to do — a good broadcaster like Harwell or Vin Scully can paint a picture and describe the game in a way that just doesn’t always measure up on TV. That’s part of the romance of following baseball, and its sad that the next generations don’t seem to have that group of guys that really define a team the way the greats did.


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