An extremely special day regardless of the game’s outcome

Let me briefly set the stage as to why yesterday’s Reds game was so special. By the way, it has nothing to do with the team moving into sole possession of first place in the National League Central.
As a kid, my parents took me to Riverfront Stadium several times a year. Some of my fondest childhood memories occurred at that ballpark. I remember sitting way up in the red seats for Johnny Bench Night. Marge Schott gave us her tickets one afternoon. But, I would have to say the 1990 NLCS and World Series were the best.
With both of my parents being disabled, it made it much harder to go to the games as they got older. They did get to take their grandchildren a couple of times to Great American Ball Park when my kids were very small.
About 3 1/2 years ago, my mother suffered a stroke and went into a coma. The doctors said that, if she ever opened her eyes again, she would have no idea who we were or that her family was standing beside her. After a lot of hard work, love and a little help from the Man upstairs, my mom was able to enjoy a Lemon Chill at the Reds game yesterday.
My family has four season tickets. My wife wasn’t able to come, so it was me, my two kids and my parents. Keep in mind that my mom was in a wheelchair and my dad was in an electric scooter. We still needed an extra ticket.
I went to the ticket window ready and willing to buy five tickets that were handicap accessible. I told the lady our situation and she came back with five tickets, all in the handicap area, and traded me for the seats I already had, only charging me for one.
When we got to the seats, the ushers allowed us to position ourselves so that my mom and dad could sit together in side-by-side spaces for wheelchairs. When the rain started, we went to the Reds Hall of Fame and Museum. Seeing the 1990 World Series memorabilia brought back some great memories.
Everyone in the Reds organization from the ticket-takers to the ushers to the elevator operators could not have been nicer or more accommodating. I want to sincerely thank the Reds for helping make it such a wonderful experience.
My mom’s ability to speak and communicate was greatly impacted by the stroke. However, the ear-to-ear smile on her face yesterday showed her joy better than any words ever could.

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